Saturday, July 10, 2010


so a friend of mine showed me her blog and i was like OH HEY THAT'S RIGHT I HAVE ONE! (even though i only update it every 5 months lol)

good thing no one follows this blog. otherwise i'd get a lot of hate mail. maybe that's what kevjumba and such feel like whenever their videos don't come out as often O.o....

so i dun know i was looking at ma friend's blog and i dun know i feel like writing this. maybe i just feel insspired (lol)

so i have had an eventfuls ummer so far. though a lot of things confuse me. mainly its humans (ma gawd how complicated creatures we are!) and here's ma blog response formatted the same as another post lol

so i don't exactly have the perfect girl in mind. i'm a guy i mean come on. no not like that. or that. or that....STOP THINKING DIRTY! so perfect isn't exactly a word i'd use to describe well ANYONE. i just have a couple of requirements because frankly without these things, i just dont' see the attraction.
-she must be smart. i mean not like straight A smart but smart enough to know what i'm talking about. sometimes i use an uncommon word, sometimes i'm just talking gibberish, and sometimes i'm just ranting about something in class
-she must be pretty. no explanations needed
-i have to be able to talk with her. i mean what's the point if you can't even SPEAK to each other? i mean i know some people who are in it just for the making out and what not. they're idiots. what do you do between? just make out for 20 minutes then leave? ma gawd that's RETARDED. should be able to have a decent conversation EVERY time you know?
-race. yes i'm saying race. i mean some things are just awkward you know? for example imagine me with a black girl. an azn with a black girl. have you seen that? doesn't it seem awkward to IMAGINE? ya it is. basically i don't care what race you are except for black people and mexicans. its nothing against the people, i'm not being racist or anything. i'm just saying IMAGINE. doesn't it seem awkward?
-she can't have idiot friends. like really airheaded idioic people. i mean i'd be bound to see them at one point or another and i'd prefer to not hate them.
-PDA is not something i would like.......i mean a relationship is not meant for the whole wide world to know and observe.
-be able to make jokes and just be really chill. not super strict and start lecturing me on something that's just a joke you know?
-no drugs or anything of that sort.
-ok so i can't control this but i prefer it. I don't want her to EXPECT much. no i'm not like those guys who don't do ANYTHING you know all those typical movie bad boys. i'm saying like she doesn't need to expect a text every 3 seconds. doesn't need to expect flowers every week. doesn't need to expect a HUGE BIG PLAN for some big occasion. sure i'll text you every day and we'll talk. i'll bring you flowers on occasion. i'll PLAN something but whether its BIG or just private are 2 different things.
-she's nice. yeah everyone says that whatever. its a fact. would you wanna be with someone who's like the meanest girl on the planet who beats people up? no.
-SHE'S GOT A NICE PAIR OF....!!!! i jk i jk i jk i jk i jk i jk. I SERIOUSLY JK. its a JOKE. DON'T GET ALL LECTURE ON ME. its a JOKE. wait why am i saying one's gonna read this lol. but seriously jk
-she can't be intervention type. i mean i like to play video games. i like to hang with my friends and play card games. its a dork thing. but i do it. i don't want her to always shout at me for playing a game or going with ma friends. that's just ridiculous to ask of me

well that's all i can think of off the type of my head. keep in mind this was about 90% serious. the other 10% is just whatever i can make this post a little bit funny you know? but seriously like 90-95% serious.

if you read this, i'd be godly surprsied someone read this. post a response :D.